Can shoulder pain be a sign of lung cancer?

Dr. Rajesh Verma recently appeared on ABPNews live to discuss the intriguing connection between shoulder pain and lung cancer. In his insightful interview, Dr. Verma emphasized that while shoulder pain is not typically associated with lung cancer, it is still important to be aware of the potential warning signs. 

While not commonly associated, he highlighted several reasons why individuals with lung cancer may experience shoulder pain. These include pleuritic pain, caused by inflammation of the pleura around the lungs, pancoast tumors which can affect nearby nerves leading to shoulder and arm discomfort, metastasis to the bones of the shoulder joint resulting in pain, and referred pain from pressure on nerves passing through the shoulders. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma emphasized the importance of considering these possibilities for patients experiencing shoulder pain, especially those with a history of lung cancer or related symptoms. His insights, shared with ABP Live, shed light on the complex interplay between shoulder pain and potential signs of underlying health issues such as lung cancer, urging vigilance and thorough evaluation in clinical practice.

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